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Christian Schiester Biography

At the age of 22, Schiester was a heavy drinker, smoking over 40 cigarettes a day and severely obese. His doctor advised him that if he continued with his current lifestyle, Schiester would not live to see his 50th birthday. This sobering diagnosis radically changed Schiesters' outlook on life, as he quit smoking, gave up alcohol and started running.

At first, the road wasn't easy for Schiester, as he experienced a variety of personal setbacks involving his troubled past. However, after two years of hard work and training, he had competed in the New York Marathon and won his first Austrian half-marathon. Schiester narrates; "It's easy to kill your body. It's easy to kill your brain. But I think it is possible for everyone to change".  A further 25 national titles followed before Schiester wanted to push himself further, entering the Marathon de Sables, a six-day race across the Sahara desert, where he finished in 12th place.  As his passion for extreme running developed, Schiester continued to push his body to the next level, entering the five-day Himalayan Run, and breaking the race record by an impressive 15 minutes. In 2006, he took on the Jungle Marathon through the Brazilian Amazon Rain Forest and then went on to win Antarctica Ice Marathon the following year.