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Josphat Boit  Biography

Career Highlights

  • 2014 Top American World Half Marathon Championships
  • 2014 3rd place US Half Marathon National Championships
  • 2013 US Marathon National Championships runner-up


How did you start in your sport?
Grew up in Kenya playing soccer and field hockey. His soccer team went out for cross country for better fitness. It was there he realized that he was a good runner. He was noticed by a professional running team who told him if he trained over Christmas vacation, he would receive a free pair of running shoes. That was a huge motivator becuase he had never had a pair of running shoes as they were too expensive. with every step and every mile, my dreams continue to grow. "from a free pair of running shoes and now trying to make an Olympic team

What does a typical training day look like?
Run, eat, sleep, repeat

What keeps you passionate about your sport?
I want to represent the United States of America and win a World Major Marathon

What continues to drive you forward?
After each race, I set a new goal. I always want to get faster and bring the best out of myself. Be better than I was yesterday.

What made you realize you had made it?
As soon as I first started running, my coaches, friends and family began telling me that I could run with anyone at any level. I lived in an area with some of the best guys in the world and in workouts I would just put my nose down and try to keep up.

Traveling, playing scrabble and poker, college football and reading