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Lauren Jimison Biography


How did you start in your sport?
It wasn't until my freshman year in high school when I started our cross country team that I grew to love the sport. After my sophomore year of college, I came to Mammoth with Athletes in Action High Altitude Project Camp and feel in love with Mammoth as well. The camp combined faith and running and I realized how much my faith and running go hand in hand.

What does a typical training day look like?
I like to get up early to have breakfast, ready my bible, and favorite blogs before practice. Practice includes either a training run or workout. We drive to trails or down to Bishop for lower altitude training. After practice, I eat lunch and head to work. I work at a small company in town that allows me to be as flexible as I need. I double in the afternoon. And usually we hit the gym a few times a week. I come home, cook dinner and get to bed early.

What keeps you passionate about your sport?
My faith is the most important part of my running and training. I run because God has given me a fit to use so that is why I do it everyday. And, in my running and sport, I am passionate about sharing my faith through running and using running to serve others. Some of my best conversations, most exciting moments in life, and the greatest joys have come from running. Running is filled with highs and lows but its incredibly worth the hard work and time. Running is also about the relationships built.

What continues to drive you forward?
My faith in Christ drives me forward every day at a fast and beautiful pace.

Coffee, family, blogs, writing, food