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Lauren Kleppin Biography

Career Highlights

  • 2nd at the 2014 USA Half Marathon Championships (1:12.12)
  • 3rd at the 2014 ASICS LA Marathon (2:28.48)
  • 14th at the 2014 IAAF World Half Marathon Championships (1:10.15)
  • 1st at the 2013 Cellcom Green Bay Marathon


How did you start in your sport?
In the most awkward of middle school years, I wanted to find something I was good at and figured Track & Field was the best option at finding success in anything athletic due to the fact that there are so many events. I showed up for practice on the first day with butterfly clips, jean shorts, and a giant saxaphone. Despite this uncomfortable scenario, I ran a decent mile time, good enough not to be chased away from the sport.

What does a typical training day look like?
Morning workout with my team, breakfast, stretching, lunch, easy afternoon run, drills & strides, snack, evening weight sessioin, dinner, sleep

What keeps you passionate about your sport?
This sport continues to introduce me to new places and new faces. My passion in life has always been chasing new experiences, and the act of running is the one constant element that continues to shape an otherwise dynamic lifestyle. Running and competing is my new home, a place that I can make my own and a place I feel more comfortable, and it takes me to new places that I feel most alive.

What continues to drive you forward?
My competition continues to drive me forward. There is always someone out there accomplishing something amazing. It is their accomplishments that keep me curious enough to take a few risks and test the boundaries, ultimately driving me forward to places I didn't know were within reach.

What made you realize you had made it?
I made a "Mammoth" leap in my career from the aspiring athlete status in 2014 which started with my race at the USA Half Marathon Championships. It was in the middle of my 13.1 race, when I was smashing my splits, feeling like I could run forever, and mumbling explicit four letter words in pure excitement to myself that I knew things were about to change. That race was just the beginning, and followed by a huge 13 minute PR at the LA Marathon and then another 2 minute pr at the World Half Marathon Championships. All in all, 2014 so far has been a blur of excitement. The main moment that sticks out in my memory as a significant transition is my career was when I crossed the finish line at the LA Marathon to be greeted by an American flag, a 2:28.48 time, a KTLA news reporter and a drug tester.

Hiking, reading next to the creek in mammoth, kayaking, fishing, paddle boarding, water-color painting