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Rosario Rios-Aguilar Biography

Rosario Rios-Aguilar was born and raised in Mexico City where She found her love for athletics at the age of four. Since then, Rosario has learned to embody the spirit of sports, nutrition and a passion for athletics. While always striving to become the best at whatever she sets her mind to. Coming from a well disciplined, athletic family Rosario developed her skills learning from her father and brother as they planted the seed of work ethic; consistency, intensity, discipline and heart.

During her adolescent life in Mexico, Rosario was a member of the Junior National Basketball team and was also crowned Mexico's Tae Kwon Do Junior National Champion.In search of better opportunities, Rosario and her family moved to California when she was just sixteen years old. Coming to the United States without any knowledge of the English language did not keep Rosario from pursing her athletic passions. Without hesitation, Rosario demonstrated and implemented her work ethic in high school athletics as she played basketball for Berkeley High School and El Rancho High School.

After high school, Rosario became a member of the Rio Hondo Community College basketball team where she helped capture the Foothill Conference title. Rosario also participated in the Track and Field at Rio Hondo program where she became Conference Champion in the high jump, 100 hurdles and heptathlon. She also broke and still holds seven school records; 400m, 100 hurdles, 200m, javelin, heptathlon, 400m hurdles and hammers. Because of these accomplishments Rosario was recognized as Rio Hondo's Athlete of the year in 2006.

After receiving her Associates of Science Degree from Rio Hondo College, Rosario transferred to Whittier College where she also became a member of the schools basketball and track & field teams. During her time at Whittier College Rosario continued to make her presence known. This time, Rosario earned the title of Co-Captain of her basketball team. Rosario led Whittier College to a conference championship and was named 2nd team all conference in women's basketball and the title of Most Valuable Player in 2008.

Once basketball season came to an end, Rosario dedicated all of her athletic efforts to the Track and Field team at Whittier College. Where she holds three school records and made 1st team All Conference for women's track and field 2008. Rosario also captured the SCIAC title in the 400 hurdles, finished 1st in the state of California as a heptathlete while ranking 9th in the country. Rosario qualified to compete in the NCAA Track and Field Championships, where she finished 11th.

Rosario's college career was prominent, especially in basketball as she was asked to play professionally overseas for News Release Basketball team in Germany during the summer of 2009.

After playing internationally, Rosario returned to the United States to pursue and expand her educational Knowledge and experience. Currently, she is working on obtaining her Master of Science degree in Exercise Science and Sports Nutrition at Cal State University Long Beach. Her love for athletic knowledge has helped her accumulated various certifications and positions, adding to her experience.

Rosario has not only made her mark as an athlete, but more importantly as a coach and mentor to many athletes. Utilizing her extensive experience, Rosario has found her self molding and guiding many individuals as they pursue their own goals.

Rosario has been sought after by many High schools, Colleges, University's and private athletic gyms for her diverse teaching and mentoring abilities. Most recently Rosario has worked as a strength and conditioning coach at Schurr High School, CSULB and UCLA. Currently she is working as an assistant coach for the track and field team at Whittier College, working the multi events & hurdles and also the Elite Head Coach/Performance Mentor and Biomechanist Specialist at CrossFit Huntington Beach.

Rosario's Knowledge of fitness, nutrition and training along with, Her ability to connect with people from all backgrounds is her greatest strength.

Since she has been in the fitness and sports industry as a personal trainer, performance specialist and motivational coach/speaker for over ten years; Her expertise on athletic performance, power training, balance/postural correction, sports medicine, speed training, weightlifting, and martial make her one of the best in everything she works with.

Rosario is a very disciplined athlete who knows what it takes to get to the next level. She lays the foundation of proper nutrition and balance in order to provide herself and her athletes with the ability to stay healthy and train at high intensities and various levels. Rosario has high expectations for all her pupils as well as for herself and lives everyday day life with a purpose. She wants to radiate and transfer knowledge to her clients and athletes on how to become the best they can be as well as providing the tools needed to become more than average. Rosario's philosophy on training is ìTrain hard, with high intensity and always push yourself without regret. Also, train smart, you can't train hard if you don't properly recover and stay healthy. In other words, train, no excuses for feeding your body, soul and mind.