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Improving on its predecessors in every way, the all-new GEL-Excel33 3 natural running shoe is the perfect way to mix up your run for those that normally wear ASICS shoes like the GEL-Nimbus and GEL-Cumulus. The GEL-Excel33 3's FluidAxis outsole is specifically designed with the underpronator/neutral runner in mind, helping their foot to move naturally with every step; and while the GEL-Excel33 3 is lightweight and flexible, it retains plenty of GEL Cushioning and the same 10MM heel drop as its more structured counterparts, providing more freedom without sacrificing cushioning and shock absorption.


Understanding Mix Up Your Run

See how it can make you a better runner

Mix Up Your Run with the Right Natural33 Shoes

So what does it mean to Mix Up Your Run with shoes from our ASICS Natural33 line? Basically, the Mix Up Your Run philosophy is based on the well-accepted tenant that the body tends to react positively to multiple types of stimuli. If you were lifting weights, you wouldn't use the same amount of weight, the same number of sets,and the same number of repetitions during every workout, would you? No. So when you couple Natural33 footwear with your more conventional/structured running shoes, you are "mixing the signals," and effectively Mixing Up Your Run.

Our Natural33 footwear also takes into account the pronation/gait/step of the individual runner, just as our more structured shoes (GEL-Nimbus, GEL-Kayano, GEL-Cumulus, GT series, etc.) do. This is accomplished by the FluidAxis technology in the outsole. Instead of installing weight-increasing midsole and outsole components to keep the foot stable, FluidAxis simply changes the geometry of the outsole; so wether you overpronate, underpronate, or have a neutral step, ASICS has a Natural33 shoe with FluidAxis technology that's right for you.