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Fit - Adapts to you

FLUID FIT works by adapting to the smallest individual movements of your foot. The system has a two-tier mesh re-enforcement on the inside of the shoe that flexes to your unique running style.

It allows the inner shoe to bend and stretch, giving you a better fit, improved comfort and reduced friction.

Support - Stable support

The DYNAMIC DUOMAX system is the more adaptive version of DUOMAX, a mid-sole material that provides support. It works by stabilising the foot in mid-stance, when the foot is entirely on the ground. And better mid-stance support means improved stability from push-off.

Ride - Optimum guidance

The GUIDANCE LINE is a complete system that directs your foot movement as you shift your centre of gravity, propelling you forward in the optimum direction. It adjusts to your individual running style, giving complete guidance from first impact to push-off. GUIDANCE LINE is complimented by FLUID RIDE, a lightweight 2-layer midsole with advanced GEL cushioning.

The legendary GEL-Kayano® series celebrates its 20th anniversary in style with top-of-the-line updates to both upper and midsole. The party gets started with new FluidFit™ upper and FluidRide™ midsole, creating an unsurpassed fit and ride that keeps the GEL-Kayano® 20 ahead of its time.

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