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The GEL-Lyte33 2

Featuring FluidAxis Technology

Light on weight but heavy on innovation, the GEL-Lyte33™ 2 boasts F.A.S.T.™ features and ASICS' new breakthrough FluidAxis™ technology that allows for a more natural step. FluidAxis™ not only engages the Ankle Joint, but also the Subtalar Joint, which is more crucial to running motion, as it's responsible for the side-to-side rotation (Pronation) of the foot.


ASICS has revolutionized running shoe design with FluidAxis. Until now, running shoe technology has been designed around the up-and-down movement of the ankle joint--but the foot doesn't just move like this. That's why we've redesigned the running shoe with FluidAxis™. It works with the foot to enable this natural rotation.