If you're looking for the ultimate in comfort and protection, look no further than the GEL-Nimbus® 16. A new FluidRide midsole combines with the updated Guidance Trusstic System® to provide a silky smooth step transition; which, when coupled with the customized fit of the FluidFit upper, creates an unbelievably luxurious running experience. And if you prefer the GEL-Nimbus for distance, try mixing up your run with the GEL-Excel33 3 or the GEL-Lyte33 3 when doing speed runs or more dynamic run-training.


Elite ASICS Distance Runner Diego Estrada puts the all-new ASICS GEL-Nimbus 16 running shoe to the test, and discusses why he chooses it for his run-training. And thanks to new Fluid features – a FluidFit upper and FluidRide midsole – the supreme cushion and comfort that the GEL-Nimbus is known for has gotten even better, making every step a luxurious running experience for the neutral runner and underpronator.


ASICS GEL Cushioning technology opened up a world of new potential for runners and athletes of all shapes, sizes and skill levels who strove to run longer, play harder, and perform more intensely. Thanks to the comfort and support of GEL-Equipped athletic shoes, everyone's body could be a "runner's body." Everyone could push themselves farther into the realm of what was previously reserved for only the "elite."

Mix Up Your Run with the Right Natural33 Shoes

The GEL-Nimbus 16 and GEL-Cumulus 16 are perfect for helping the neutral runner and underpronator run long distances, providing maximum cushioning and shock absorption so they can perform their best. But if you’re looking to mix in faster, more natural runs to your regimen, then check out the infographic below. Basically, if you tend to run in the GEL-Nimbus, GEL-Cumulus or other ASICS shoes designed for the neutral runner/underpronator, then you can mix in ASICS Natural33 footwear like the GEL-Excel33 3 and GEL-Lyte33 3 to “mix the signals” and potentially enhance your running experience. This is akin to mixing up a weight training workout: sometimes you do sets of less repetitions and higher weight/resistance; and then you mix in doing sets of lower weight but an increased number of reps per set.