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Think you have what it takes to run at a champion marathoner's pace? Find out by taking the ASICS LA Marathon treadmill challenge. The one of a kind truck-mounted treadmill only runs at one speed, the ASICS LA Marathon record pace of 2:06:35. See how long you can keep up, compete for the record and register to win free ASICS gear. Plus, after your run, you can find and share your video by going to Treadmill.ASICSAmerica.com.

The 2014 ASICS LA Marathon Treadmill Challenge is making stops all over southern California, and everyone that tries to keep up the 2:06:35 pace gets a shareable video of their high performance experience. So whether you're looking for your own video to post on social media channels, or you just want to watch the Treadmill Challengers in action, check out Treadmill.ASICSAmerica.com for the full catalog of every runner on the tour.

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2014 ASICS LA Marathon Treadmill Challenge Appearance Schedule

The ASICS LA Marathon Treadmill Challenge is appearing all over Los Angeles and Orange County as we ramp up to the 2014 ASICS LA Marathon. See where it's going to appear next, so you and your friends can try to keep up with the breakneck marathon pace of 2:06:35!