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What is a Hybrid?

A hybrid is the combination of characteristics from two distinct designs, with the result of benefits not heretofore available as a combination in either former design.

ASICS 109 and 116 tennis racquets are created as a hybrid of two basic racquet designs, firstly, a mid-plus racquet and secondly, an oversize racquet.

Benefits of mid-plus racquets are that the head is smaller and narrower in width as compared to an oversize racquet. This creates easy maneuverability due to the narrower head width. Negatives are that there is reduced power due to the shorter length strings.

Benefits of oversize racquets are that the strings are longer in length, which gives greater power. Negatives are that the extremely wide head width is difficult to maneuver when stroking the ball.

The ASICS 109 and 116 racquets have ample maneuverability, increased power, spin and great shock absorbency, due to the longer main strings of an oversize racquet, combined with the narrower head width of a mid-plus racquet.

The ASICS 125 has the same benefits of the hybrid design of an oversize racquet width with the maximum USTA string length of 15.5 inches of a super oversize racquet.

These racquets are great to play with as a result of this hybridization/combination of the best characteristics of two head sizes.

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View our Tennis Collection