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The string tension is so important to getting "maximum playability" of a racquet. A good analogy of the string tension and the racquet is like the engine and a car. The performance of the engine is important to the car. The string tension is just as important to the performance of the ASICS racquets.

Through hours of play testing, we have found ASICS racquets play their optimum at lower tensions on the Main string as well 5 lbs less on the Cross strings. The longer main strings will give more "Power", "Spin" and "Comfort".

Because of the innovative unique shape of the ASICS racquets, lower tensions will give better "Feel" of the ball on the string bed, which will provide more "Comfort" and better "Control".

For the ASICS 125 and 116, we are recommending the string tension for the Mains at the low end of the range. The Crosses should be strung 5 lbs less than the Mains.

For the ASICS 109, we recommend stringing the Mains from the mid point to the low end of the range and the Crosses 5 lbs less.

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View our Tennis Collection